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We offer a cageless, stress-free and friendly place for you and your pets. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and comfortable place for your pets to be groomed. 

We groom one dog at a time per groomer, unlike other salons that have a number of dogs arrive and then place them in a cage until the groomer is ready for them. Our shop does not have any cages and your dog will never be caged for drying or waiting.
Our goal is to provide individual, personalized care from the moment your pet arrives to the time the grooming is completed! Your pets are like family to us - we will focus on all of your needs and requests each and every visit!


Each dog is groomed by one groomer from start to finish and will receive a bath and brush-out as well as a haircut based on your wishes. Our prices include everything you need, NO HIDDEN FEES. Before any changes are made to the desired haircut due to matting or the like, our groomer will contact you and provide you with haircut options. Our groomers are also able to brush your dog's teeth and file nails.

Nail Trims

Nail Trims are extremely important to your pets health and we recommend having your pets nails trimmed on a monthly basis. Nail trims are a walk-in service and are offered on a daily basis. We do not require an appointment for nail trims but recommend to call ahead for daily hours.